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Dealing with potentially severe visual loss can be extremely stressful. We are here to provide compassionate, intimate care for you or your family members coping with disease or defect of the retina, macula and vitreous. Our goal is to provide the people of Austin and the surrounding communities with state of the art diagnosis, treatment and education for these visually threatening conditions.

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Macular Degeneration

Are you or a loved one searching for a macular degeneration doctor In Austin? Age-related macular degeneration is a common cause of visual loss in older adults. It is likely you know someone undergoing treatment for this condition that affects the central vision. It can make tasks such as reading, driving or recognizing faces difficult. Click to find out more.


Are you are living with diabetes in Austin? Diabetic retinopathy refers to pathologic changes in the retina caused by diabetes. These changes can range from mild to severe and are usually related to the amount of time from diagnosis of diabetes as well as the level of control of blood sugar. Frequently your primary care physician will ask you to have an eye exam at least once a year if you have a diagnosis of diabetes. Click to find out more.

Retinal Detachment & Tears

Retinal detachment and tears, symptoms and treatment options in Austin. A retinal tear may lead to a retinal detachment. A detachment is a potentially blinding condition that requires surgery to repair. A tear in the retina is the most common cause of detachment. A tear may be treated with a laser prior to progressing to detachment. Click to find out more.

Retinal Vein Occlusion

Vein and artery occlusions in the retina can cause a visual decrease by obstructing the blood flow to the retina. Visual loss may be decreased if retina tissue dies from lack of oxygen. Additionally, a vein occlusion may cause decreased vision secondary to leakage from obstructed vessels that cause swelling of the retina. Click to find out more.

Macular Hole

Macular Hole treatment in Austin. A macular hole is a separation of the tissues of the retina in the central macula. The exact cause is unknown but correction can frequently be accomplished with a surgical procedure. Click to find out more.

Flashes and Floaters

Flashes and floaters could indicate that an eye has had a retinal tear, retinal detachment or a hemorrhage in the vitreous space (back part of the eye). A dilated exam is performed by our Austin retina specialist, Dr. Stephen Smith to look for the possible causes. Click to find out more.


Vitrectomy surgery is available at Central Texas Retina located in Austin is a procedure that removes the vitreous gel that is in the middle of the eye. This procedure would be done in a case of retina detachment or if a vitreous hemorrhage has occurred and the gel doesn't clear up on its own. Click to find out more.

Macular Edema

Austin Retina Specialist Dr. Stephen Smith can help you diagnose and treat Macular edema. Macular edema has many causes. Diabetes, high blood pressure, and macular degeneration are frequent causes. Central vision may be decreased causing difficulty with tasks requiring sharp central vision. Click to find out more.

Why choose us

We know how stressful it can be when you're facing a loss of vision for any reason. In many cases there will be a need to be seen frequently for treatment. Feeling that you are a number or being run through a diagnostic mill can contribute to anxiety. Our philosophy is to treat you as an individual in a timely manner and in a comfortable environment to ease the treatment process. We strive to treat you with the respect you deserve. Dr. Stephen Smith is Austin's leading retina surgeon.

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