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Welcome to Central Texas Retina! We are located in Austin, Texas. We look forward to serving you by diagnosing and treating your retinal conditions. We specialize in treating patients with diseases of the retina and vitreous and will be there to help you and your loved ones every step of the way.

Our Services include treatments of the following retinal conditions and diseases:

macular degeneration
diabetic retinopathy
vascular and hypertensive retinal problems
retina tears and detachment
epi-retinal membrane
macular holes

We are located at:

7200 North Mopac
Suite 200
Austin, Texas, 78731

Phone: 512-241-1806
Fax: 512-623-7892


Central Texas
Retina & Vitreous

7200 North Mopac Ste 200
Austin, Texas 78731

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